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Jewellery ERP

The software package contains complete solution for automation of Jewellery Showroom/Shop. It's a Web based ERP solution. The software can be accessed and used by multiple branch stores/showroom of an organization at a time. All the activities going on the store(s) can be tracked and managed by the Administrator/Owner of the organization from any location.

It contains following modules:
  • 1. Administrator Module.
  • 2. Sales/Purchase Module.
  • 3. Finance Management/Account Management.
  • 4. Inventory Management.
  • 5. Human Resource Management (HRMS).
  • 6. Customer relationship Management (CRM).
  • 7. Barcode Implementation.
  • 8. Shipping System.
  • 9. Franchiser's Retail sale management.
  • 10. Billing System.


GST Finance System


The Software package is exclusively designed for the newly introduced GST system for your financial management. It's a complete package for all your financial account management need.

Main modules of GST Finance System are:
  • 1. Administrator Module.
  • 2. General Ledger.
  • 3. Bank Management
  • 4. Accounts Receivable
  • 5. Accounts Payable
  • 6. Reports
  • 7. GST System

Student Tracking and School Management Systems

Our student tracking and student management system is a comprehensive product designed to manage every aspect of school administration and help the school as well parents to deal with the problems of truancy/absenteeism/security. Every educational system has three major stakeholders, student at the core, the teachers and school administration department. Our product is designed to fully automate the processes associated with each of the 3 stakeholders. This is going to help you in daily routine works in school management and reduce the precious time wasted in paper work for management as well teachers which can be better utilized in formulating strategies and new methodologies for betterment of the institute. The biometrics and proximity card based student tracking system built on latest cutting edge technologies is a boon for school management and parents it not only helps in saving the time spent on attendance it also gives that extra security to the children which is increasingly becoming a big challenge. The system has capability of sending SMS alerts to parents as well as school.


Inventory Management System (IMS)


When it comes to inventory software, you have a world of options to choose from. From a basic ERP program to full-featured, professionally-developed inventory management software for your business, the choices can make your head spin. How do you know which one is right for your business, inventory control and management needs? Where will you find inventory management software you can be confident of? Does anybody make a professional, customizable, inventory management software that's affordable for your business?

IMS is an enterprise-wide solution to resolve the material demand and fulfillments process of an organization. The system provides to identify, select and acquire needed materials and services economically, with high standards of quality and services in consideration to the business policies of the organization. MMS maintains an organization's purchasing and inventory management in a timely & organized manner that provides for essential accountability of the financial budget. It is powerful enough to support companies with up to $99 billion a year in sales. Our offerings range from single user version to the 3000+ user SQL Client-Server Edition of Inventory Management System, the high-performance inventory control and accounting system you'll never outgrow!

Human Resource Management Systems(HRMS)

Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) provide a link between human resources management and information technology.

HRMS allow enterprises to automate many aspects of human resource management, with the dual benefits of reducing the workload of the HR department as well as increasing the efficiency of the department by standardizing HR processes.

It contains following modules:
  • 1. Administrator Module.
  • 2. Employee Attendance Management System
  • 3. Leave Management System
  • 4. Biometric Attendance System
  • 5. Salary, EPF, ESI, Insurance etc


Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMS)


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is specific software that allows a company to measure and control contacts with customers.

CRM can be used for controlling contacts with a customer either by phone, fax, mail and e-mail. The data collected can be used for research an analysis of the customer relationship.

It contains following modules:
  • 1. Administrator Module.
  • 2. Tracking Customers
  • 3. Managing old and new customer history
  • 4. Automatice email sending about offers/discounts
  • 5. Automatice sms sending

Realestate Management System (RMS)

The package includes all modules to automate the realestate Business.
  • 1. Administrator Module.
  • 2. Sale/Purchase of land, Duplex, Flats
  • 3. Stock/Inventory system
  • 4. Finance Accounting with GST
  • 5. Human Resource Management (HRMS).
  • 5. Reports
  • 6. HRMS


Document Management System (DMS)


Our Document Management System (DMS) software product is developed to help any organization/person to manage their documents easily with respect to the creation, distribution and deletion of the documents. A document can either be represented in any form like Word document, Spreadsheet file, Movie file, Sound clip, etc. or as a traditional hardcopy consisting of one to thousands of pages. If you are looking for data digitization and scanning of your hard copy document, then our Document Management Software (DMS) is the best solution for you.

It contains following modules:
  • 1. Administrator Module.
  • 2. User Module
  • 3. Scanning and indexing documents
  • 4. Storing, searching and reading documents as and when required.

Car & Auto GPS Vehicle Transport System

The system is developed for car and auto transport system. The google GPS is used to map the route for vechiles.

It contains following modules:
  • 1. Administrator Module.
  • 2. Driver Module
  • 3. User Module
  • 4. Payment system
  • 5. Booking system
  • 6. User feedback etc.


Hospital Management System (HMS)


This is one of our amazing software package. It can help you out to manage your hospital in a real time manner.

The package includes all modules to automate the realestate Business.
  • 1. Administrator Module.
  • 2. User Module
  • 3. New Patient registration
  • 4. Existing patient Management
  • 5. Doctors and staff Management
  • 6. Stock and inventory management
  • 7. Transport System etc.

Recruiter Management Systems (RMS)

This product has been specifically designed for recruitment agencies to help them manage their routine office work in systematic and automated process to save their precious time spent in paper work. The registration, document tracking, payment tracking features coupled with automated daily status reports help the agencies to spend more time in strategizing on their core activities on reaching out to clients and job seekers.

Library Management Systems

Library Management System (LMS) is a web based solution which is developed on latest technology focused towards automating the vital activities of the Library. The LMS Solution can be integrated with Barcode for easy access and retrieval of any item from the Library. An online public access catalogue facility can be provided for speedy retrieval of any kind of document. The LMS solution can be linked with self-service KIOSKS for quick search and online requisition.

Financial Accounting Management Systems

Financial Management System is the process of managing the financial activities of a business, like accounting, financial reporting, budgeting, account receivables / payables, risk management, investment and insurance management". It enables the financial functions of in-house systems. The expenditure and the revenue accounts can be maintained. This system offers the facility of maintaining voucher wise expenditure details and generates cashbooks and the related ledgers and account documents.

Warehouse Management Systems

Designed specifically to serve the changing needs of today's business, our WMS provides the same benefits as much larger and more expensive software systems but remains much easier to use, faster to deploy and a easy to maintain. This technology and functionality helps you to streamline operational processes, control inventory, reduce paperwork while complying with audit regulations. It is an advanced WMS software solution for manufacturing, distribution, and retail enterprises and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) that can be used by enterprising organizations of all sizes. It helps companies maximize product placement strategies, prioritize tasks, implement fair productivity standards, and increase logistics efficiency. The evolution of warehouse management systems (WMS) is very similar to that of many other software solutions. Initially a system to control movement and storage of materials within a warehouse, the role of WMS is expanding to including light manufacturing, transportation management, order management, and complete accounting systems.

To use the grandfather of operations-related software, MRP, as a comparison, material requirements planning (MRP) started as a system for planning raw material requirements in a manufacturing environment. Soon MRP evolved into manufacturing resource planning (MRPII), which took the basic MRP system and added scheduling and capacity planning logic. Eventually MRPII evolved into enterprise resource planning (ERP), incorporating all the MRPII functionality with full financials and customer and vendor management functionality. Now, whether WMS evolving into a warehouse-focused ERP system is a good thing or not is up to debate. What is clear is that the expansion of the overlap in functionality between Warehouse Management Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning, Distribution Requirements Planning, Transportation Management Systems, Supply Chain Planning, Advanced Planning and Scheduling, and Manufacturing Execution Systems will only increase the level of confusion among companies looking for software solutions for their operations.

Integrated Plant Maintenance System (IPMS)

The Integrated Computerized Plant Maintenance System (IPMS) is a state of the art system that automates all the activities performed by the maintenance management department of an organization. It has been designed to provide on-line information management to meet the operational requirements of the Maintenance Management department of any plants mills e.g. Chemical Factories, Breweries, Rice Mills, Shaw Mills etc .

Sea-Port Management Systems

A deepening phase of globalization in the business world will impact every aspect of operations in the Port and shipping industry. This new, increasingly complex environment will present significant growth opportunities and competitive threats. Many Port operators today invest in standalone initiatives that lack the power of an integrated, interconnected solution. The real value lies in end-to-end integration - the fusion of technology with overarching domain specific solution attributes. Our solutions help port and shipping operators mitigate risk while enhancing operational efficiencies. We offer holistic, industry-specific port solutions that span project portfolio management and port operational management.


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