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Software Development and Maintenance

Customized Software Systems (CSS)

Different business processes have different requirements to allow free and fast flow of information. We make changes to the automated business process flow after understanding the current requirements. We can integrate the customized software with the main ERP for centralized information storage and easy decision making. We can allocate resources at any point of time to meet the demand related to project delivery. We offer application development, maintenance and support to all our large-scale clients which incorporate all the latest practices of the market. Our application management and product support solutions enable you to take following benefits:

  • Enhance your application performance
  • Application bug fixing
  • Provide Tier 2/Tier 3 support
  • Full portfolio optimization
  • Full portfolio optimization
  • Site Usage Tracking Management
  • Mobile Application


Increasingly there is a need for applications in two forms for end users. The applications like games, messaging, location mapping for individual users and applications like website, MIS, ERP like logistic tracking for corporate users are required to be accessed on smart phones. There is dearth of mobile application e.g. android, iOS resources in India and we expertise in allocating such resources for project delivery.

Mobile Apps Development


Android Apps Development

We have an expertise and experience in providing the best of the Android Apps Development services with the help of our very diligent team of professionals in multiple fields. We develop rich featured User Interface (UI) based native and hybrid android mobile apps for govt. and private sector industries. Our Android Team is always ready to develop eye catchy and easy to use applications for your business. We have been serving so far to industries like hotel, transport, education, health care, retail, media, real estate, manufacturing, packaging, telecom etc.

iOS Apps Development

Are you looking for a best team to develop iOS Apps for your business? We design rich featured User Interface (UI) iOS Apps to develop your ideas in to reality. Our team of iPhone app experts stands out due to their in-depth technical knowledge and delivery distinction. We ensure delivery of high quality apps that are user-friendly and efficient at the same time. Our long experience in the Mobile Industry has enabled us to offer you quality iOS Apps development services using iPhone and iPhone-supported technologies. We have been serving so far to industries like hotel, transport, education, health care, retail, media, real estate, manufacturing, packaging, telecom etc.

Windows Apps Development

We are the only start- up company to develop windows mobile apps from Bhubaneswar, India. We have developed a wide range of windows mobile applications for our valued clients. We develop secure native windows mobile applications that are compatible with all the modern windows smart phones. We have been serving so far to industries like hotel, transport, education, health care, retail, media, real estate, manufacturing, packaging, telecom etc.


Oditech' Testing-as-a-Service offering is based on our extensive experience and insight gained from multiple test-only focused engagements and proven test automation framework, allowing customers to consistently achieve optimal results with significant cost savings.

Software Testing Service

Organizations today understand the need for increased focus on quality. While they recognize the fact that failing on quality is not an option, especially when you are talking about business-critical or customer facing applications, most organizations are trying to reduce the total cost of quality as well as ownership of IT and QA systems. 'As-a-Service' option has proven to provide such enterprises with a viable yet cost effective platform. Oditech' TaaS (Testing-as-a-Service) solution addresses all the facets of 'as –a-service' offering including facilitating shared, multitenant use of computing resources, optimizing expense and capital outlays - allowing customers to pay only for what they use, and tremendous business flexibility by allowing rapid provisioning and de-provisioning.

Why TaaS from Oditech :

  1. Leverages standardized and highly efficient test methodologies addressing security, reliability and manageability while catering to continuous cost pressures, higher transparency, certainty of outcomes and service level compliance.
  2. Oditech' TaaS is a sure-shot way to reduce cost and infrastructure spend while offering assurance of purpose readiness.
  3. Enables organizations to set up much larger test labs which were previously unimaginable.
  4. Tests like performance / load testing can be done as close as possible to real life (as if the system were up and running) – multiple locations, multiple languages, over different time zones run dynamically having a large number of parameters.
  5. Our solutions are dynamical priced allowing customers to dynamically use and dynamically pay.



Our end-to-end globally competitive solutions make us the preferred stop for ecommerce development in India. We have already created our mark on the huge ecommerce market of India. With a long experience in ecommerce sites development, we can provide seamless shopping experience for your customers at very affordable rates. Our customized e-commerce solutions best meets the market necessities.

We have a team of experienced designers who make sure your website gets an appealing layout along with user-friendly and device-friendly functionalities. We use latest technology updates and platforms to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Web Hosting & development

We are the professional web designing service Provider Company. Internet marketing is a vast competitive area and we are into the market to equip you with the strongest designing weapons to beat the globe with our affordable website design services. Having designed websites for leading individuals, businesses and organizations we realize that every client is different so our designs are customized for every individual project. We understand that a website does not only need to be accessible by your target audience, but that it needs to appeal to them visually. When it comes to websites, you can judge a book by its cover! We take the time to listen to your ideas and provide the guidance and advice to provide creative looking websites that tick all the boxes. We believe that designing websites is a collaborative process. Our design team works with you and stays in touch throughout the process to make sure you are happy and the end result is everything you expected and more.



SEO Services

Also known as Internet marketing, this help to Increase the reach to target audience by presence in only one geography . This includes activities like Social Media Optimization (SMO ), Search Engine Optimization (SEO ), Pay Per Click (PPC), E-Mail marketing, Interactive Advertising, Web Analytics, Cost per Impression, Affiliate Marketing, SMS Marketing. Indian Industries like real estate, hospitality, education , immigration consultants, software, tourism and B2B businesses are more keen in marketing through Internet. In USA and Western countries a SEO services, as well as SEM services offered by us are made up of different modes and packages according to both the visible SEO needs of a client, as well as needs occasioned by his/her personal marketing strategy. Our standardized packages in SEO services begin with "Analysis, Research, and Consulting," followed by "On-site SEO," or "Off-page SEO," or a combination of both as required by clients. Almost all the industries are keen for marketing through internet medium.

ERP Solution


In the current volatile economic climate, companies face the challenges of cost reduction and business agility while maintaining vital business operations. In an era of evolving technology, organizations want to move beyond technology constraints while applying standard business practices and reducing application life cycle costs. Today, every application area from banking to manufacturing has multiple package options for each of its major business functions. Selecting and implementing software package suites can be time consuming and complex for any enterprise. Successful deployments require great technology vision, in-depth understanding of business processes, change management and the actual implementation itself.

From managing supply chains system, devising CRM strategies, and deploying content management solutions to integrating enterprise-wide functions, Sadyogi helps you with comprehensive, efficient and robust solutions that meet your unique requirements.

We develop unique ERP solution on Oracle, Microsoft Technologies and on open source technologies. Our goal is client satisfaction and betterment in their business transformation.

Data Management

ODITECH is a professional administrative back office data processing services preeminent supplier of back office administrative services, including the following services:

  • Data Entry
  • Data Processing
  • Data Conversion
  • Web and Internet Research
  • Forms Processing

Our services are dependable and affordable. We leverage our location in Bhubaneswar, India to provide the best technical and business skills, global coverage and availability of services and cost-effective, affordable solutions. We pride ourselves on offering cutting edge technical skills and on finding the best, world-class solution for every client need.

Our service offerings are broad and deep and we have experience in nearly every back office and administrative arena. If we do not currently provide the service you want, we will assess your needs, and explore and recommend new solutions tailored to your organization and to your requirements

Data Entry

Our data entry services incorporate all forms of text and content data capture and, where appropriate, we can combine these services with data conversion or other services for all types of data collection, generation, and manipulation and client requirements. Our data initial data input services, online data entry and offline data entry, image data entry, medical and insurance claims data entry and data entry through remote desktop servers. Our comprehensive suite of data entry services provides dependable support for clients who wish to focus on core competency.

Data Processing

Our data processing services are flexible, affordable and designed to meet every client and project need. Data processing can include professional manipulation and processing of data from one form to another.

  1. Translation of data into aried formats
  2. Summarizing data in reports
  3. Processing data in graphs, charts, statistical and ranking format
  4. Product data for catalogues and marketing collaterals
  5. Digitizing data from email, hard copy, scans, forms and other formats
  6. Word processing tasks
  7. Image processing

Data Conversion

We provide conversion services from and to various file and media formats, including articles, magazines, newspapers, microfiche, optical character recognition (OCR), optical mark reading (OMR), XML, and intelligent character recognition (ICR). Document conversion can take your documents to electronic searchable document formats as well as PDF, Word Perfect, Microsoft Word, and other formats. We have extensive technical expertise in this area, and we can address simple and complex conversion requirements.

Scanning and Indexing

Our scanning services include scanning with flatbed scanners, optical character recognition (OCR), optical mark reading (OMR), and scanning and editing and indexing services. We also have stable, dependable partnership with other service providers and, where appropriate, we can provide specialized scanning services for high resolution, and rapid scanning tasks. The scanned images are stored and converted into any file format, to suit your needs, and to comply with the specifications of your document management systems. All data is verified and validated for complete accuracy.


Forms Processing

The technical and business experts on our team can process both structured and non-structured forms. Whether your forms processing needs are for simple structured forms in tabular or columnar formats, or complex, non-structured forms like questionnaires or surveys, we can design and execute a solution to meet your needs. Depending on the forms, templates, formats and media, we can provide processing through tools or through manual data entry. We process all types of forms for businesses in many vertical industries including:

  1. Insurance claim forms
  2. Application forms processing
  3. Surveys and questionnaires
  4. Market research forms
  5. Accounting & Tax forms
  6. Resumes
  7. Legal templates and forms
  8. Email
  9. Online forms
  10. Invoices and billing, and many more.

Web and Internet Research

ODITECH Systems Pvt Ltd offers premium web research services to meet the need of variety of client requirements. Our web and internet research services are the services most often requested by our global clients. We have business experts who can provide you with the best advice and consultation to design and execute an internet research project or web research project and deliver the business information you need for competitive strategy, pricing, product catalogues, marketing lists, or any one of dozens of other business critical information. In addition to research services to define business trends, refine strategies, and product planning, we also offer web research on a variety of subjects including history, politics, medicine, law, literature, finance, annual reports and performance, and more.

ODITECH Systems Pvt Ltd services are quality and customer driven. We focus on timely, accurate project completion, no matter how complex the task; no matter how aggressive the project schedule. Our offshore outsourcing model provides flexible service offerings delivered from an advanced, state-of-the art facility by skilled professionals. We have a solution to fit every budget and client preference.


Everyday is a new day for us and we work really hard to satisfy our customers everywhere.