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ODITECH Systems Pvt Ltd. is committed to be a trusted partner to any business micro/small /big, institutions, non­profits and providing solutions to increase efficiency & effectiveness in their respective sphere of operations. We are passionate about leveraging our unique blend of technical and functional skills to become a sought-after center of excellence to deliver high quality and affordable products and services.

About Us

We are ODITECH Systems Pvt.Ltd., leading information, communications and technology (ICT) company providing top­class business consulting, information technology and communication services. Leveraging deep industry and functional expertise, leading technology practices and a global delivery model, we enable companies to achieve their business goals and transformation objectives.

We are powered by a pool of talented IT and consulting professionals across enterprise solutions, client relationship management, business intelligence, business process quality, operations, management, engineering solutions, digital convergence, product lifecycle management, and infrastructure management services, among other capabilities. Our development and delivery centers in the Bhubaneswar (India), serve numerous clients.


Our Vision

To be the world's most valued information, communications and technology (ICT) company.

Our Value

  • Customer First: We respond to customers speedily, courteously and effectively.
  • Maintain integrity, trust, transparency, and respect in our transactions.
  • Diffuse our learning to empower, engender, and emancipate stakeholders.
  • Be humble and critically self-reflective of our actions.

Quality focus

We make quality a value driver in our work, our products and our interactions. Do it "First Time Right"

Company's way of life

ODITECH Systems Pvt Ltd. define's its stakeholders as its Customers, Associates, Investors and the Society at large. At the core of the Company's philosophy lies its focus on customer centricity and the goal of ensuring stakeholder delight at all times through innovative solutions and services, thereby fulfilling the role of a responsible service provider, committed to best practices. The Company understands that in order to realize this vision and become a global top­tier consulting and technology services company, it needs to achieve industry leading benchmarks in corporate governance, delivery excellence and employee satisfaction. The Board is responsible for setting the strategic objectives for the Management and ensuring that stakeholders' long-term interests are served. The Management in turn is responsible for establishing and implementing policies, procedures and systems to enhance the long-term value of the Company and delight all its stakeholders.

The vision of ODITECH Systems Pvt.Ltd.- To be the world's most valued information, communications and technology (ICT) company.Value to the Company is not just shareholder value. It is the intrinsic goodwill and respects that the Company earns from the various stakeholders associated with the Company. The Company aims to enable global businesses become more effective through a combination of its IT, Communication and Engineering and SEO services – all tenets of sustainable ICT - Information, Communication and Technology.


Everyday is a new day for us and we work really hard to satisfy our customers everywhere.